If you need to say in very scientifically looking way to someone who is not familiar with theory of statistics and analysis that you have no idea about some problem a you must just try – then you can use these nice words “heuristic analysis”.

Heuristic means “to find” or “discover”. And the most basic method of all is “try and error method” – which is also the most common “heuristic analythical method”.

You simply try and see the results. All heuristic althoriths works the same way. They try and compare results to expected ones. Iterations are typical in heuristic.

Facing some new problem you can try:

  • make some schema or diagram to better understand the problem
  • try “re-engineering” – you imagine possible¬†solution and try to “go backwards” to understand the problem
  • if problem is too “abstract” then try to find some practical example